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After a long work day, the founder of GROK got a serious migraine and couldn't sleep, His eyes were closed and he kept seeing flashes of light.

What could be the cause?
He remembered, earlier in the day he had spent a really long time on screen. He needed a solution, he needed to be able to spend time on screen and not have to bother about blue lights, headaches or eyestrain.

He went further to ask if some of his friends experienced the same, surprisingly, they all have. That was how GROK was birthed. We are only in business to boost your digital life.
New Collection
Introducing The Perfect Fit For Your Kids
Get our Kids' blue light glasses with special lenses from Grok Brand that blocks harmful light waves for your child today. This is guaranteed to help protect your child from growing from digital eye strain.

Our kid-sized frames and lenses will reduce your child's exposure to the blue-violet rays by over 80%

If your kid is exhibiting any of these signs of digital eye strain such as: Changes in vision, Dry eyes, Eye tiredness, Fatigue, Headaches, Poor posture, then it’s time to get an antiglare Glare Glare from GrokBrand

Secure your kid’s eyes with the anti glare Glasses for kids and prevent disruption in your kids body's sleep cycle, crankiness, sleepiness at school and certain health issues.
Our Customer
We have all round evergreen eyeglasses everyone cares for. Shop these popular designs here.
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