• 【COMPUTER GLASSES】: Blue light glasses block effectively reduce eye strain and migraine coming from smart screens (computer, cellphone, TV and etc.) when gaming and working.
  • 【GAMING GLASSES】: Blue light blocking glasses 100% blocking HARMFUL blue light (50% of ALL blue light) and guarantee clearer vision and 100% original colours. Also with UV400 function to protect you from ultraviolet ray.
  • 【BLUE LIGHT GLASSES WOMEN】: Exposure to high rate blue light would lead to eye strain, sight blur and headache, slowing generating of melatonin which may cause insomnia. Wearing blue light filter glasses can give you a better sleeping experience.
  • 【BLUE LIGHT GLASSES TEENS】: The frame of these anti blue light glasses are made from PC material. PC material makes these computer glasses only half weight of plastic glasses. Also constructed with reinforced metal hinges to ensure durability.


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Grok Cat Eye

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